Salon de la cuisine du 11 au 19 Mars 2017
  • The Trade Show Salon

    The concept

    The evolution from the patriarchal familial housing to a mono familial housing,has generated an evolution of the functionality and the importance of the kitchen within the global arrangement of the housing. This piece is no more a place where we prepare food but a life place which serves as a rallying point to the family and a modern and functional space convivialitywhere we share receipts and moments of pleasure.
    This new approach has led to a revolution in the arrangement and the conception of the spaces reserved to the kitchen.

    1) The area of the equipped kitchens increases
    2) In the new construction, the kitchens are increasingly delivered arranged and equipped
    3) After the living room and the dining room, the kitchen comes in the 3rd position
    4) Recent studies have calculated the time passed in the kitchen

    On average one passes 2 hours to 2hours and a half in his/her kitchen every day
    5) The market is very disputed, the competition is rough but the growth rate is important.

    The organization of the Kitchen Show at the Exhibitions Park of the Kram matches this evolution.
    The Professional Kitchen Show is also 5 universes of exhibition:
    1. Integrated kitchen
    2. House hold appliances
    3. Dressing
    4. Bathrooms
    5. Floor and wallcovering

    The goals of the organization of this event are:

    • Put at the disposal of the companies a space of quality to develop their communication and commercialization potential
    • Develop the market of the integrated made in Tunisia kitchen both at the regional and the international level
    • Create a space of meeting for the development of innovative concepts and designs for the kitchen piece
    • Enable the professional visitors and the individuals comparing the offers of the different supplier
    • Offer to the foreign professionals the opportunity to know more about the evolution of the sector in Tunisia

    The alliance of the 5 universes of the Kitchen Show enables you to present a complete and a complementary offer to meet the needs of the visitors desiring equip themselves with the latest trends.
    That’s why the exhibition is enlarged to all the equipment, materials and products necessary to the activity and the comfort of the kitchen user.
    This specialized Show is open to the professionals but also to the wide public who will have the leisure to be present at an animation program with culinary show and demonstrations.