Salon de la cuisine du 11 au 19 Mars 2017
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    - A DIRECT exhibitor reserves its own stand.

    - An ORGANIZER (association, official national organism) reserves a stand (pavilion)within which he hosts COLLECTIVE exhibitors.

    the co-exhibitors and firms represented are registered by the direct exhibitor or the organizer of the pavilion.

    Your principal activity

    Implantation sector wanted

    Personalized Stand

    Minimum: 24m²

    Prix dt excluding VAT/mé:

    You need a structure of stand perfectly adapted to the image by opting for a tailor-made stand ; our Technical Service will provide you with an meeting your needs since the reception of the specifications of the required stand, from you

    Standard Equipped unfurnished stand

    Minimum: 15m²

    Prix dt excluding VAT/mé: 65

    * Aluminum frame * Wall panels * Fascia board * Sign with no lights * 2 1 Spot of 100w per 3m * 1 electrical outlet of 400w * Carpet

    Bare surface

    Minimum: 54m²

    Prix dt excluding VAT/mé: 55

    Includes only the area without furniture of equipment of the stand, of electrical connection or any other service.